We’re Back.

The team has returned from summer with enthusiasm and readiness.

Stay tuned for updates and events.

Look out for free cooking classes for community members who want to build confidence in the kitchen.

– KHKM Team


3rd place! in Earlham Prize!

Hello world,

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting us and giving us feedback! We place 3rd in the final round, and are energized to continue working with the Richmond community and Wayne County and Indiana in the larger vision of food security! IMG_20170408_123709

Stay tuned for updates and more info!

Join us, we need you to secure the food system of Indiana!

With love and in friendship,

the Know Hunger, Know More team!

Jaimie, Lori, Christian, Ted, Abby & Lily

also a huge thanks to Caleb with Earlham’s Miller Farm for joining us at the Q&A!

We could not do this work without you!  


Please, direct questions and comments to Knowhungknowmore@gmail.com 

Appreciations to the Wayne County Food Council

Hello world,

The Wayne County Food Council (WCFC) is the reason this entire venture can happen.

In case you hadn’t heard of the WCFC, their mission is “To equip communities to provide healthy, affordable and nutritious food so that all Wayne County residents might have access regardless of economic means”. That’s a broad-reaching goal. But, remember, do not be limited by your dreams, and vision for the future, because without a vision, we cannot make steps to achieve those goals.

Officially, the WCFC “will work to develop collaborative partnerships and relationships to increase access to quality nutritious food: educate residents about how to better access and use nutritious food; and advocate for policies and systems that strengthen quality and equality in our local food system with the goal of improving lives and the hope of ending hunger in our communities.”

These quotes are direct citations from the WCFC Bylaws.

So, if you are a believer in this mission, and have a vision for a future where Wayne County residents can have a nourishing meal and not go hunger- please contact the WCFC. Your voice belongs at the table.

The last council meeting was yesterday, Monday, March 6th from 1-2pm at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Kuhlman Center.

Thanks for a great meeting everyone! We had a great time!

Again. A super big thanks to the current leadership team Christian Penrod, Ted Chaulk, Eric Weiss and Alicia Cresswell.

Have a lovely week world,



WCFC and KHKM.jpg
Jaimie Mudd briefing the Wayne County Food Council on the Know Hunger, Know More. social venture as part of the EC Prize for Creative Capital. Monday, March 6th, 2017.


WCFC Meeting

Greetings all!

Thanks for keeping up with our project. Today we’re discussing the brass taxes of our social venture. This includes nailing down profit revenue with numbers, our specific business model and partnership with Earlham Council.

We are so excited to present for the final round at Earlham for the Earlham College Prize for Creative Capital.


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Cameo Round

KHKM _ full logo regular 1.PNG

The second round of the Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism is this Saturday, from 10 am-1 pm. We’ve got our logo down, and our 5-page Business Plan, as well as our 5 minute Powerpoint, Ready to go!

Here is a sneak peak!

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday in LBC!

— KHKM Team